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In addition to our exquisite dining experience, we also offer entertainment. Enjoy a special performance of the traditional face-changing ceremony and a noodle dance where hand-pulled noodles are created right in front of your eyes while sipping on our Asian fusion cocktails.

Enjoy our lounge!


The X Pot is an innovative dining concept created and established by Chubby Cattle.


Scope Of Work

Event Photography
Food Photography
Documentary Production

The X Pot offers a unique dining experience that bridges Asian and American cultures. Our goal is to offer a dining experience that awakens all your senses: sight, sound, scent, and taste. Our menu offers the most high-quality ingredients including imported seafood and purebred A5 Wagyu beef flown in daily from Japan. Enjoy the age-old tradition of hot pot with fresh delicious ingredients, where every dish is served to perfection.


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