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Our team of designers and strategists helps our clients create their own unique brand identity, spaces and experiences. It is imperative to differentiate your D2C brand and stand out from the crowd. A tailor-made experience allows customers to recognize your brand's uniqueness. With our renowned architecture and marketing agency's expertise, we are here to provide rich insights and a return on investment for our client.

Interior Design @callisonrtkl  



In JA, it is all about promoting a healthy, flavourful authentic Chinese gastronomical experience.

Scope of work


Website Design
Menu Design
Menu Photography
Social Media Handling

Staying true to its Chinese roots, JA only brings the freshest seasonal ingredients to the dining table, while insists there are no MSGs, artificial colorings or any preservatives in the menu. JA is dedicated to satisfy its guests’ palates with a careful selection of authentic Chinese delicacies and warm hospitality.


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