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Helt Studio’s uniforms are built for comfort, style, and functionality, using technologically advanced fabrics that make our customers and their teams proud to go to work. Our chef uniform store elevates uniforms from mediocrity and creates products that our customers are excited to wear every day for both their quality and the brand they represent.

By combining our years of experience in the industry with advanced performance textiles, we’ve been able to develop workwear that works for you. Our products complement and move with you in your daily tasks. They empower teams to take pride in their craft and execute with efficiency.

Our professional uniform store started with providing its products to some of the top restaurants and cafes in Los Angeles and has quickly grown to service customers around the world in just a few years. The quality of our products and competitive pricing speak for themselves, making us a go-to kitchen uniform store for many modern restaurant owners. To this day, a majority of our clients have come from referrals and continue to reorder every year for an updated look and fresh style.

Superior design, engineering, and quality have brought our chef uniform store’s products across the world, but this is just the beginning. Join Helt Studio’s #UniformRevolution and help us empower the community to feel better and do better.


Helt Studio, a modern chef uniform store, began with one simple idea — what you wear to work should work for you. Drawing from years of experience as chefs and restaurant owners, we reimagined uniform design from the ground up with performance fabrics sourced from around the world and designs made right here in Los Angeles.

Scope Of Work

Art Directing

When we began, we saw that many apparel brands didn’t care enough to offer uniforms that are targeted to the everyday life of the ordinary kitchen worker. After years of their disruption in the field, we believe that our uniforms have changed the space for the better.



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